Pulled Beef Burgers….
Basically, you slowly cook the beef and spices and shred (‘pull’) apart with a fork . 
1-mayo + tabasco sauce mix (you can use your own hot pepper sauce)
2- lettuce (you can use freshly shredded cabbage too)
3-crinklecut potato chips
5-pulled beef
6-slice of parmesean /mozrella cheese (e.g laughing cow)
7-pulled beef
8-potato chips (gives you sassy crunchiness e.g pringles)
spices i use when cooking beef – thyme, curry,black pepper, salt, garlic and ginger powder. no liquid should be left int he pot.
Burger bread – you can even use Fresh Agege bread. sllice it and stuff it.

cook at home meals Pulled beef burger cabbage lettuce chips pringles

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